Fall Registration is OPEN 2019-2020

Dear FDW Dance Families,

As you know, we have released our schedule for the year 2019-2020 and we thank you for your patience.  Registration for 2019-2020 is officially open and we have been getting some questions already.  We hope this letter will explain some of the changes we are implementing in the upcoming year.  Please feel free to contact the office if you need further assistance.

Registration Fee
We are increasing our registration fee to $35 for the first dancer and $15 for each additional dancer in the same family.  During the early registration period, we will take this fee to secure your spot for the class.  When school starts in September, we will bill for both September and June’s tuition.  Please read below regarding June’s tuition policy.

Which Class?
Are you wondering what class is right for your child?  If your child is starting a new style and is at least a first grader come fall, they can sign up for level 1 in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, or Tap.  If they are in Kindergarten, then sign up for Kinder Dance.  All level 2 and above are by placement from our teachers only.  For our returning dancers, you should have received a placement letter for your level.  If you are not sure, the office can help you.  Please keep in mind the levels do not correspond to what grade you are in at school.  As the levels get higher, it takes more years to advance to the next level.  Moving up too quickly can lead to injury.  Please don’t be discouraged if your child remained in the same level as last year.  They will continue to learn and build strength and gain experience and be moved when the teachers feel they are ready.

We apologize in advance for any holes in our curriculum as we simply couldn’t offer all the classes for all the ages with the resources available to us.

Hip Hop Class
This year our Hip Hop class will start in November.  You may register for it early to secure a spot.  To register for Hip Hop 1, your child must be in 4th grade for the school year 2019-2020.  Registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.  In November, both November and June’s tuition will be due.

Dress Code
For ballet, we are changing to have all the levels wear black leotards.  If your dancer still fit into their current leotard, they may continue to wear that to class.  When they have outgrown it and you are purchasing a new one, we ask that you switch to black.

June’s Tuition
This has come up many times and it is the studio policy to take June’s tuition up front along with the first month’s tuition.  June’s tuition is not refundable to those that drop classes in the middle of the school year.  Also, it can not be applied to any other month during the school year.  We will give exception to military family moves.  We do not prorate for holidays, snow days and school closures.  Classes continue after recitals until the last day of school in alignment with the Anacortes School District.

First Day of Class
Classes start on September 5th.  The first session of Parent/Toddler Movement class start September 12th for Thursday and September 13th for Friday.

We are looking forward to seeing new and returning dancers in the coming year.

Yours Truly,
FDW Office Staff


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