Children’s Tales – Spring Recital

We are so excited to be able to announce our Spring Shows!

The first show will be Children’s Tales in May for the younger children’s dance classes.  It is based on an original story in which Peter Pan and Tinkerbell get lost in the land of fairytales, nursery rhymes and children’s stories. This is going to be such a fun show and allows for so much creativity for all involved.

Show Dates:

  • May 17, 5:30pm                Children’s Tales at Island View Elementary
  • May 18, 2:00pm                Children’s Tales at Island View Elementary

Rehearsal Dates:

  • May 16, 5pm – 8pm                    Children’s Tales at Island View Elementary

(Exact rehearsal times will vary depending on class)


Tickets for both shows are sold online.  Click below to purchase.  The studio office will not be selling tickets.  You may also buy them at the door.



Those of you who have been with us awhile know that behind every successful performance are legions of dedicated volunteers.  From room moms to ticket sellers, from backstage crew to poster deliverers, our success depends on you.  Even just one hour of your time can make such a difference, not only to the staff but, more importantly, to the dancers and audience!  Please join us this spring as we prepare for our best concert yet—together, we can create magic!  Look for signup sheets as we approach performance time.